Southampton Arts presents ‘Shadows’ – an exhibit by two local artists

The arts have struggled this past year due to the pandemic but, now, Southampton Art Gallery is opening its doors to an art exhibit that will feature two local artists, Susan Seitz and Brent Henry.

The exhibit, ‘Shadows’, is an emergence by the artists from what has been a dark time for many.

“Up Close & Personal/A Healing Journey Through Grief” by Susan Seitz will be held in the Henderson Gallery.

Susan is an established artist who has at Southampton Arts Centre for many years and who is admired for being a fierce advocate of mental health. Now in ‘middle age’, she looks inward at the consequences of grief and finding a path through it.  This work is her celebration of emerging from a long period of creative stasis during the pandemic with a reclamation of her creative power.  Her visual work is supported by separate, written journals that examine personal grief, which can also be triggering.  A list of bereavement support resources for Grey Bruce can be found at…

“Come and See | Culture Oppressed” by Brent Henry will be displayed in the Firehall gallery.

An emerging artist, Brent Henry’s expressive pieces compelled emotional engagement last summer in the “Colours of Creation” show at Southampton Arts and that was funded by Community Foundation Grey Bruce.
This body of work in SHADOWS is from his perspective as a young, Indigenous man researching the deep wounds suffered by his people through colonialism and the Indian Residential School system. He is “using his voice in his hometown Arts Centre on his own terms; a firebrand held to settler causality”.  His work deals with the residential school system and contains graphic references to the violence of genocide inflicted upon Indigenous people.
Former IRC students and those affected can reach the National Indian Residential School Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419 to access emotional and crisis referral services 24-hours a day.

“The five guiding principles of providing trauma centred care, communication and leadership are; safety, choice, collaboration, trust and empowerment. We hope to show how those principles were mirrored in the creation of the show and our communication here will also be guided by those principles,” says Annie Buckton of Southampton Arts.

‘Shadows’ opens Monday, June 14th and will run through to July 4th.

For more insights from the artists, visit: