Southampton Care Centre receives first ‘Pall Quilt’

(L-R) Scrapbag Quilters; Louise Harnden, Joanne Harris, Kathy Alexander, Gayle Wardrop (quilter and former family member), Doug Squire (Family Council representative) and Eileen Wolfe, Southampton Care Centre House Chaplin.

The Southampton Care Centre’s Family Council group recently brought forward a request for use of a pall quilt when residents who have passed depart from the building. 

In collaboration with the Spiritual & Palliative Care Committee, the House Chaplain and in consultation with Chad Eagelson of Eagleson’s Funeral Home, and much work by the Scrapbag Quilters of Saugeen Shores, the result was unveiled on Thursday (June 14).

The pattern is the ‘Giving Quilt’ by Jennifer Chiaverini, a quilter and novelist.  The intention was for the quilt to be made and then donated to a charity or other worthy cause.  Many of the Scrapbaggers have already donated their ‘Giving Quilts”. 

The quilt given to the Care Centre was made and donated by Gayle Wardop with machine quilting by Betty Millen. Wardrop felt it appropriate to donate it as a pall quilt to the Southampton Care Centre as her mother had been a resident for many years. 

The quilt was graciously accepted by the Southampton Care Centre and blessed by Chaplain Eileen Wolfe.