Southampton Rotary presents pledge for Cenotaph revitalization project

At the Southampton Rotary Club’s Christmas Party, Sylvia Sheard, Community Services Director, presented an early Christmas present to John Willetts, Chair of the Southampton Cenotaph Community Committee. The gift box contained a pledge of $15,000 over three years, accompanied by an initial instalment cheque of $5,000, towards the replacement of the Southampton Cenotaph.

The Southampton Cenotaph, a poignant symbol of remembrance, is set to undergo a vital restoration project with a total cost of $250,000. The anticipated completion date for this significant endeavour is scheduled for 2025.

This pledge from the Southampton Rotary Club is not merely a financial gesture but a commitment to honour the sacrifices made by our veterans and to preserve a symbol that stands at the heart of our community. As we approach the cenotaph’s restoration, this contribution serves as a testament to our collective dedication to preserving history and fostering a space for reflection and gratitude.

File Photo by Saugeen Times

The Committee has been at the forefront of this restoration initiative, embodying the spirit of service and remembrance. The Cenotaph holds profound significance, representing a living memorial to those who gave their lives for the cause of peace. The Committee’s role in safeguarding this heritage is paramount, and the support from the Southampton Rotary Club is a demonstration of the unity within our community towards this shared cause and embodies Rotary’s area of focus for peace and conflict prevention.

Personal contributions are also welcomed to support the Southampton Cenotaph Monument Fund. Individuals interested in contributing can make donations by writing a cheque payable to the Town of Saugeen Shores, clearly noting “Southampton Cenotaph Monument” in the memo line. Tax Receipts will be provided for eligible donors.

As we enter the season of giving, this initiative stands as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to honour and remember those who have served our nation.