Spring brings out wildlife – be on the lookout

After a long cold wet Spring, many animals are being spotted throughout the region.

Thanks to two ‘Samaritans’ a turtle was saved crossing the Sauble Parkway.  All turtles are on the endangered species list and drivers should be aware that they are now crossing roadways to lay their eggs.  If you see a turtle and want to help, keep it going in the direction it is pointed in. Vehicles are the number one destroyer of turtles in Ontario.

                                                                              Photo by Nan Marie Wismer

Photos by Betty Bender

Young bear was spotted on Hwy. 21 near Saugeen First Nation … it was suspected that the mother may have been nearby.  He crossed the highway and entered a field.

There was also a bear sighting at Bay and McNabb Streets in Southampton on the evening of Monday, June 24th and there have been numerous reports of fox and raccoons.