Spring ‘Green-up week’ in Saugeen Shores comes to a close

They raked, they filled bags with debris, wood and, in general, garbage.

Port Elgin ‘Beach Preservers’ continued with the community ‘Green Up’ project carried out this week in Saugeen Shores to help clean up areas of the community.

              (L) Connie Weber takes a bag from Anne Inglis (R) who brings more bags for clean-up                                                                                        (Ruth Taziar (L) and Sue Glass look on) 

Throughout the week, members of the group were out and about, including on Port Elgin Main Beach, where they collected many bags of refuse after hand-raking the beach for debris left behind by unusual high-water levels and wave action.

                                 (L) Michael and Ruth Taziar, Steve Rolland and Sue Glass