Square Deal Neil’s of Southampton expanding

Square Deal Neil’s in Southampton is making way for their new warehouse building.

All plans have been completed and passed by Council although it appears that a building permit has not yet been issued.

The existing building that has housed inventory for many years will either be demolished, moved or sold so that a new facility can be built.  The inventory of appliances was in the process of being removed on Thursday and placed in special interim storage units.

¬†Storage units being moved at Square Deal Neil’s

The Sinclairs, owners of Square Deal Neil’s, are constructing the new commercial building¬†in order to increase their retail and warehousing space.¬† Square Deal Neil‚Äôs currently¬†operates a retail store on the property directly north of the subject lands at 240 Railway¬†Street (Hwy. 21).

                            View from Peel St.

The new building will be approximately 8400 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. for retail space and the balance of 7650 sq. ft. (710 sq. m) proposed for distribution and storage.



According to Edith Sinclair, the area around the building will also be landscaped.¬† “It will really change this corner for the better.”

The Sinclair family has been in the appliance and electronics industry for more than 60 years serving Bruce and Grey Counties.  In 1953, Neil Sinclair opened a storefront business called Sinclair TV and Appliances and began selling appliances, light fixtures and televisions in Tara, Ontario.  

In 1974, son Ian joined the business as a delivery and repairman. Then, in 1976, they built and opened their dream store in Southampton, Ontario. They called it Square Deal Neil‚Äôs TV & Appliances. In 1989, they closed the Tara store and Ian Sinclair and his wife, Edith took over the family business in Southampton.¬† The family-owned business operates under the motto …

“Large Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Care”