SSLC Places Second In Canada – what will happen to the program says reader

A great story and congratulations to the Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC) team and to Michael Hundt for completion of another successful year and competition to go along side several prior year successes.

What’s missing from this story is an unasked or answered question. What will become of this program if the initiative of certain agenda driven town employees and elected officials are successful in partnering with the YMCA in the creation of a multi-function facility encompassing a pool, walking track and other use facilities operated by the ‘Y’?

My understanding is that our lifesaving program would not be accommodated within such a facility. So this great program which:

  1. fosters competitive spirit and teamwork of its participants ,
  2. is a well supported summer activity program for both local and visiting youth and
  3. is a positive image enhancer for Saugeen Shores locally, provincially and nationally

will die if we partner with the ‘Y’.

When asked about Mr. Hundt’s future, one of our elected officials whose children participate in this summer program (some of us know who you are) said something to the effect that we can always find him a job cutting grass. Hardly the response of an elected official even in jest.

Other unanswered questions associated with the YMCA multi-function partnership initiative include:

  • Do we know the hard cost to rehabilitate the existing pool at the high school or the cost to convert it to alternate use? We have been given a soft number for the the proposed facility but have nothing with which to compare!
  • How will water activity within the school programs be possible when this facility is located approximately a mile from the high school? Just think about how that might work!
  • For all the expense, how many residents will use the walking track in any season, especially the winter months when most would have to get dressed for the outdoors, get in a car and drive to the facility, get undressed to go for a walk, get dressed again, clean accumulated snow off the car and drive home? This would be a challenge to Port Elgin residents, now think about Southampton and Saugeen Township residents – will they be happy tax payers?
  • Will the majority of tax payers conclude such a facility is money well spent?

There are most likely more questions with which to challenge our town administrators and elected officials on this proposal but this was my immediate reaction when I read your article.

Barry McKenzie