St. Paul’s Anglican Church shows appreciation by hosting a BBQ for seasonal workers

For the second year, St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Southampton expressed its appreciation to the area’s seasonal workers by hosting a BBQ supper for them at Bevan Hall on Wednesday, July 11th, where everyone enjoyed a delicious meal.

The Rotary Club of Southampton provided their BBQ expertise while the Anglican Church Women (ACW) prepared a wide assortment of salads, refreshments and desserts. Michael Cannon, with his language skills, served as interpreter.

Photos submitted by Doug Goar

                                       Southampton Rotarians provided their grilling expertise

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The Saugeen Shores seasonal migrant workers come each year from their homes in Mexico to provide their farming expertise at Hi-berry Farm. They travel to not only work the fields that produce a wide assortment of fresh produce daily, but to also ensure a better standard of living for the families they leave behind. For some, their migrant way of life has been on-going for 20 years or more and some, who began as young husbands are now grandfathers.

Fortunately, for those who work in Saugeen Shores, they are well-respected in the community for their farming skills.   “We marvel sometimes at how they can coax a crop out of the ground that we thought should just lay fallow,” says Hi-berry owner and Mayor, Luke Charbonneau.