St. Paul’s hosts appreciation dinner for migrant workers from Mexico


When it comes to agriculture that involves field work, the Mexican migrant workers at Hi-Berry Farm in Saugeen Shores are second to none with their knowledge and skill when it comes to coaxing crops from the earth.

Each year, they arrive to spend six months toiling for one reason – to support their families at home and some, such as Angel Garcia, have been coming to Canada for many years.

Many local residents in the area know and appreciate the work that they do and several churches have hosted them for dinners in a show of appreciation.

On Tuesday, July 12th, St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Southampton partnered with Southampton Rotary Club to host the workers at an outdoor BBQ of burgers, hot dogs and salads topped off with a special appreciation cake and ice cream.

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Mayor Luke Charbonneau and owner of Hi-Berry farm and his young son Martin also joined the workers for dinner.

Rev. Carrie Irwin said that they simply wanted to show their appreciation “… for all that they do in providing fresh produce for the community.”