Steeldreams help out Lake Huron Fishing Club

Steeldreams Fishing Club was organized to host the Steelhead Tournament, promote catch-and-release, help raise funds for charities and help sister fishing groups.

The group’s Fall fishing tournament that was to be held in November, 2020 and which was sold out, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Despite the cancellation, the Steeldreams Club was able to donate $19,000 to the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC).

The LHFC volunteers operate both Port Elgin and Kincardine hatcheries, with limited funding from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Fisheries (MNRF).

Each year, the LHFC conservation group raises salmon and trout which are then released into the region’s fresh water rivers that empty into Lake Huron.

     (L to R) Kelly Mullen (past president), Kodey Buchanan (LHFC executive & Steeldreams FC                                                     chairman) and Dave Myette (LHFC President)