Students give Mother Nature a hand

G. C. Huston Public School students learned a valuable wildlife lesson on Friday (May 17/19) when they released their ‘baby’ salmon.

                                                  Crossing the Bridge over the Saugeen River

Each winter, the school is one of 50 throughout Bruce and Huron Counties that has the opportunity to raise salmon as part of the Lake Huron Fishing Club’s (LHFC) school outreach program sponsored by Bruce Power

LHFC volunteers maintain aquariums in each school where students can watch ‘their’ fish grow until the release in the Spring.

G. C. Huston students release their young fish each May into the Saugeen River which empties into Lake Huron.  The students led by teachers and volunteer parents trek from the school in Southampton across the Zgaa-biig-ni-gan (We are Connected) bridge that spans the Saugeen River and down to the Boat Launch area on the river.  There, each of the more than 100 students of Jr. Kindergarten to Grade 1, have the experience of releasing a small salmon.

                                                            Students wait patiently for their fish
Ross McDonald (L) and Brian King of LHFC net a salmon for each student to release








Students take the release very seriously