SUC Green Boutique opens Dec.12th – time to make a difference

With rising concern for the environment, people have become more involved in reducing their ecological footprint through recycling. The used and second-hand goods industry, which involves the transfer of pre-owned items to a secondary consumer, has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years.

The ‘second hand’ economy is also about reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the ‘fashion waste’ that ends up in landfills.

On the fashion side however, it’s about defining your own personal style instead of buying off the rack and being trendy according to the dictates of retail and what stores are selling in a particular season.

With all the fast fashions polluting the earth, it’s nice to be able to re-use other things that people no longer want … and fashion is about ‘want’ and not ‘need’.  Vintage has never been bigger … it’s about quality … when clothes were made to last instead of being ‘disposable’.

Buying ‘used’ however is not just about fashion.  Home decor is constantly changing … and the old adage that ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ is true.  Everyone’s tastes change over time and what better way to change than to recycle.  Why send to the landfill when someone else can use what you no longer want?

Southampton United Church (SUC) has realized all of the above and is setting about to make a difference.

  • Do you have clothes cluttering your closets that you and your family no longer wear?  Bring them to the SUC Green Boutique.
  • Do you have household items you no longer use or want?  Bring them to the SUC Green Boutique
  • Do you have Christmas decorations that you no longer use or want?  Bring them to the SUC Green Boutique

  It’s time … time to make a difference!