SVCA: Flood Outlook (Extended)

The Flood Outlook statement issued last Thursday will be extended into this week. Forecast rainfall, warmer temperatures, and the associated snowmelt will result in further elevation of water levels across the watershed over the next few days and increase the potential for ice jams.
Rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 mm are expected today, with temperatures reaching near 10 degrees Celsius by late afternoon. Some melting of the remaining snowpack can be expected to increase the potential for runoff and elevating water levels. River water levels remain high throughout most of the watershed following last week’s rain event, and local watercourses could become overwhelmed leading to localized flooding in low lying areas.
River ice that was weakened during last week’s rainfall event may breakup or jam in response to warmer temperatures, forecast rainfall and rising water levels. As below freezing temperatures resume overnight and into tomorrow, there is a potential for flash freezing and jamming of ice, which can cause flooding in non-traditional areas. Ice jams can occur anywhere within a river system, but typically occur in areas near culverts, bridges, and river bends. Municipal and County staff should monitor local problem areas.
Residents are reminded to stay away from all watercourses. Elevated water levels, breaking and moving ice, and icy stream banks will create hazardous conditions near all waterways.
This statement will remain in effect until 8:30 AM on Friday, February 25, 2022, unless local conditions warrant further updates. SVCA will continue to monitor watershed conditions.