SVCA gives Council a ‘graceful out’ for proposed beach development says reader

Letter to the Editor:

I recently wrote this letter to the Town Clerk for submission to our Mayor and Council.

Dear Mayor & Saugeen Shores Councillors;

Thank you all for your work on behalf of our community.

SVCA has been asked (by the town-because the town owns the land) to ignore the very most obvious facts and allow the build to take place in an area SVCA is not allowed to give permission to do so in.

“ Flood proofing” should not be allowed in this location, would change the landscape forever and affect Lake Huron shoreline properties north and south of it.  By simplifying moving the project to the east, and taking up less square footage of sand, (the actual buildings may even stay the same square footage I believe-but the space in the middle of the buildings proposed is also extremely valuable real estate in this location) it would allow more people to attend the beach and harbour front, which positively impact attendance at the new project as well.

More attendance at the Port Elgin beach is good for business in the whole community. People do not flock to a beach to have a structure on it – to attend a facility, they go to the beautiful beach/harbour, and attend a facility to eat, drink, shop, even dance nearby.

As I have stated previously, I think it is a huge mistake on the part of the town of Saugeen Shores to encourage any development too close to the waterfront/harbourfront. After all, the town has agreed to be responsible for site preparation, and forever in time to have made this mistake of losing this valuable asset.

I actually believe the SVCA report recently received gives Saugeen Shores council the graceful “out” to say, this project may be constructed where the mini-putt and flea market was previously located (and that general area) but they cannot process with plans in the location requested by the CCV developers for the very reasons stated by SVCA.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Lynn Thede
Port Elgin