Swimming lessons should be non-negotiable says reader

To the Editor:

We’re so lucky to live in Saugeeen Shores … especially the kids. Every activity from Horseback Riding and the STEM Program to Circus Camp is offered in our little town.

Over the years, I’ve allowed my boys to participate in as many sports as they’ve liked. (Anyone else guilty of driving through a blizzard to get to a hockey game!?) However, the one activity that was non-negotiable was swimming. Twice a year, for many, many years we signed up for swimming lessons. Mike, Shanna and the award winning team that they’ve trained are such an important part of our community. An ‘Essential Service’ in pandemic terms.

The tragedy that occurred at our beach this week was 100% preventable. Let’s give our kids the tools to save themselves and, possibly, a friend.
With sincere gratitude for everyone that tried to help,

Kerri Gallop
Port Elgin