Swing, Shoot and Liv-A-Little

It was Swing, Shoot and Liv time at Saugeen Golf Course on Saturday, September 8th!

Some 216 golfers came out in support of the Liv-A-Little Foundation for the 6th Annual  Golf Classic Tournament.  “It is the largest tournament yet,” said Liv-A-Little Foundation President Erin Little.  “I just can’t believe it!  We were sold out in a matter of hours!  This community never ceases to amaze me.”

Chad and Erin Little with Olivia (L) & Harper (R)

The Foundation was started by Erin and Chad Little to raise funds for research as the government does not support those with the disease.  There are only approximately 2,500 children in the world that have Cystinosis.

The Golf Classic is a major fundraiser for Cystinosis research, a disease that eight-year-old Olivia Little was born with, and one that the community of Saugeen Shores has come together in an attempt to find a cure for.

Little Nora Campbell, who turned one on Saturday, was there with parents, Katelyn and Adam at what would probably be the biggest birthday part of her life with more than 250 people!  The Campbells from Wallaceburg and Littles first met in 2016 when their little boy, Alan was diagnosed with Cystinosis.  There is a one in 200,000 chance of having a child with the disease but the Campbells now have two as Nora has also been diagnosed with it.  What are the odds?

Each September, the town dons the colour purple, Olivia’s favourite colour, in a show of support leading up to the Classic Golf Tournament.

Not only has the community come together but so have many major sponsors.  Bruce Power just keeps on giving when it comes to community needs and is a major sponsor of the tournament.

This year, the tournament raised $110,000 which now brings the total raised in six years to more than $500,000.

While the tournament is a fundraiser, it also gives back to the community through support of a charity of choice.  “This year, we decided to give to Mowbray Canadian Tire’s Jump Start, the program for kids that allows them to play a sport they might not be able to afford otherwise.  This is a program that often goes under the radar and it is terrific for the help it gives families with kids,” said Erin Little.

(L-R) Mike Mowbray , daughter Candace and wife, Eleanor, Chad and Erin Little                                    with Olivia (L) and sister Harper (R)