Taking the Polar plunge in the spirit of FUNdraising

It isn’t the Arctic but it must feel like it when you’re in a bathing suit in the middle of
February standing on a dock at Port Elgin Harbour on Lake Huron.

The water temperature was 1C and the air was +1C but that didn’t stop the young swimmers from Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC) from taking the plunge on Family Day Monday, February 20th (2023) for the return to the in-person event since Covid struck.

It was the annual Polar Dip FUNdraiser with approximately 15 swimmers taking part to gather pledges and raise funds for the Club’s lifesaving equipment needs. Anyone who participated had to have at least a ‘bronze’ swimming certification.

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             Why am I doing this again?

Saugeen Shores Fire Department was also on hand, and in the water, to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Donations to the Club can be made at the Port Elgin (high school) pool or by contacting any SSLC member.