Tasting series continues at Bruce County Museum

For connoisseurs of Scotch, the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre was the place to be on Friday, November 15th.

The annual Scotch-tasting, part of the ‘tasting series’, was again a sold-out event.






   Howard and Alice McLaren enjoyed the evening

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The event was hosted by Vanek Whiskey Events that was established by Tom Vanek in 2011, as a way of fusing his passion as a whiskey connoisseur with his love of making presentations come to life. Tom’s entertaining and conversational style of presenting is enjoyed by the connoisseur and the curious alike, as he instills a contemporary and playful spirit to a whiskey tasting event.

Incorporating a variety of unique experiments that he’s developed over the years, Tom used such seemingly unrelated items as beer, candy, vanilla and wine, to deconstruct the whiskey drinking experience, and help participants better understand the impact of each component part on their enjoyment.

This passion for whiskey extends to writing about it as well, which Tom enjoys as a regular magazine contributor. Tom is also very active on social media, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and especially on LinkedIn. With over 22,000 LinkedIn connections, Tom not only has one of the most followed spirits profiles in North America, but is also among the top 0.50% of LinkedIn profiles around the world.

A whiskey tasting by Vanek Whiskey Events, aims to delight the senses, entertain the individual and educate the palette, all while showcasing the breadth of flavours some of the worlds amazing whiskeys have to offer.