Temporary Water Ban lifted in Saugeen Shores

Over the last week residents have been abiding by a temporary watering ban, and Town and OCWA staff have appreciated their efforts.

 “With the complete lack of rain, excessive lawn watering was occurring, seeing the demand for water double the typical demand for the last week of May and first two weeks of June.  Typical flows of 4,000 m³/day were replaced by flows over 8,000m³/day in that time and were sustained for many days.  The last week has restored the treatment plant to optimal conditions, and we are prepared to lift the ban, and move to the next steps,”  said Amanda Froese, Director of Infrastructure and Development Services.

The Town’s rules on lawn watering are:

  • Properties with odd number addresses can water their lawns with municipal water on odd numbered days, and even numbered properties can water lawns on even days.

  •  All lawn watering is to be done during the hours of 7:00am-9:00am or 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

  •  Watering by sandpoint/well requires a permit and a sign must be displayed that is clearly visible from the street.

These rules are in effect 12 months of the year and given force by By-law 89-2001, available on the Town’s website: http://www.saugeenshores.ca/en/our-services/water.asp

Watering plants, gardens, seed or sod by hand can be done at any time, and filling “kiddie pools”, or use of sprinklers by children can also be done at any time.

Enforcement of this By-law will result in a fine.