‘The Adventurous Foodies’ A scattering … NO, a heap of notes

Many of us Canadians leave our snowsuit-balaclava-self behind each winter turning into flip flops-flower shirt-self.

Some of us for just a week, and some of us for months. Becoming a “Snowbird” is nothing new as many Canadians have been heading south for hundreds of years….okay, maybe not hundreds, but quite a few.

 What goes into planning a “I’m not sticking around for winter” absence? (funny, that I am writing this while a winter storm is raging outside)?

“The Checklists”…they  litter my kitchen counter as we prepare to leave our home for three months. The many Checklists..a.k.a. “Runs Through My Head Instead of Counting Sheep!”, has a few extras that most Snowbird lists don’t have. Grab a coffee and let’s go through some of it together.

  • Passports

  • Various ways to obtain money

  • Housesitter to live in our home and feed the barn cat

  • Mail Hold

  • Bills paid in advance

  • Watch YouTube videos on how to use a Squat Toilet…….yes, you read that right!

  • Packing…..that’s a whole other list!

  • Practice squatting…..self-explanatory

  • Obtain Visas required to enter the various countries

  • Get every vaccination known to man so you don’t end up with Japanese encephalitis

  • Take Malaria prescription to pharmacist and hear him say “Wow, that’s a big order!”

  • Make a first aid kit since we will be traveling in remote areas or our flip flops give us blisters

  • Realize that you read the requirements for entering Thailand wrong and now have to make an unexpected trip to Toronto….two weeks before leaving!!

  • Read guidebooks so we understand the etiquette of the countries we are visiting. Thais are very modest people

  • Think about buying a ShePee because you should have started doing squats six months ago!

  • Register as a Canadian going abroad on the Government of Canada website, in case the country you are in needs to be evacuated

  • Purchase a silk sleeping sheet to use in hostels with questionable bedding

  • Know that you will get the trots and buy whatever can help you through it

  • Download travel apps onto IPad, like currency convertor, maps, and translator

  • Book overnight train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai making sure 6’4” husband gets a bottom berth!

  • Try on backpack and rethink about packing!

  • Pack toilet paper and wet wipes because squat toilets only come with a hose or a bucket of water and a ladle!

  • Watch endless videos on how to use my GoPro Purchase travel and health insurance and pray to the goddesses you don’t have to use it

  • Stop watching YouTube videos of giant spiders, bugs and three foot chickens found in Asia

  • Stop making lists and know that it will all come together

  • Follow our adventure of hopefully daily posts/pictures on Facebook and hopefully weekly posts on my blog…who knows if wifi is available off the beaten path!….and here on Saugeen Times. 

    Until next time, I will leave you with this thought … Adventures don’t have to be too far away places, they can happen right outside your door…..go and open the door!