The Adventurous Foodies – Flip flops & Fish Sauce

Flip flops & Fish Sauce

The sizzling oil jumps in the pan, playfully waiting for the garlic and shallots to join in. The air is filled with the aroma of exotic spices. A strange language is being spoken at what seems like a rapid speed.

Strange and wonderful things surround you as you wind your way through the crowds. Welcome to the Street Market….foodtopia!

Thailand is well known for it’s array of strange “meat on a stick”, amazing fruit shakes, soups, noodles, and everything coconut.

The markets…day and night, have become our restaurants of choice. Whether it is rice soup or fried noodles for breakfast, noodles or curry for lunch, or Rick’s favourite..fried chicken drumsticks for dinner, you can find it being prepared on the spot by little old grandmas or the guy with the cooking cart attached to a motorcycle.

Snacking just happens naturally throughout  our day……if it looks good, smells good, or even if it’s weird…..we are trying it. The food is fresh and flavourful and always served with gratitude and a simple thank you, “Kup Koom Ka” or “Kup Koom Kup” in Thai depending on if the vendor is male or female.

The cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai have tickled our taste buds, made us sweat from peppery heat, and appreciate the the love that Thai people have for their food.

Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan….Thailand has it all. In fact, Chiang Mai is a Mecca for vegetarians and vegans…..even us carnivores are impressed!

If you are looking to travel to a land that stimulates all the senses……come to Thailand!  The Land of Smiles.