The family that cottages together stays together

Finally, after visiting in Southampton for more than 45 years, sister Pam Spotts (nee D’Istriano) and brother Aldo D’Istriano of Hamilton, have brought in their new homes to replace old cottages of a by-gone era.

                                             Two new modular homes moved in for extended family

One of the cottages was handed down through the D’Istriano family while another was rented next door until purchased from long-time Southampton resident Bob Chapman by Pam and Joe Spotts.

          (L) Pam & Joe Spotts and Aldo & Lina D’Istriano were on-hand to watch their homes installed

“The purchase was amazing,” said Joe Spotts, “something that was done literally on a handshake.  We approached Bob about buying his property and, when we agreed on a price, he simply handed over the key.”

“It was very difficult to see the family cottage demolished,” said Pam Spotts tearfully, “but there was simply too much that had to be done to keep it up.  I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl and, now, our grandchildren will be coming here.”

Each of the new ‘Quality’ constructed homes is completely different in layouts with designs and finishes chosen by each of the couples according to their individual needs.

Both homes have three bedrooms and two baths to accommodate what they know will be visiting grandchildren in the summer.  With vaulted ceilings, large windows and fireplaces, the homes are definitely designed for family living.

“We are very anxious to move in, hopefully, by June 1st,” says Joe Spotts.

                                     New families received welcoming gifts from a neighbour