The first flock is spotted: Join the Flock and help support Saugeen Shores athletes to the World’s Lifesaving competitions

Join the Flock and help local athletes represent Saugeen Shores at the World’s Lifesaving Competitions coming up on Italy.

For a donation, you can be ‘flocked’ and have a flock of flamingos roosting on your lawn that demonstrate your support and care for our local athletes.

The most recent flock was spotted on Arlington Street in Port Elgin on Friday, August 5th but already the flock has now migrated to another lawn. Where is the Question?

                                          Flock seen at 1002 Arlington Street in Port Elgin

For a small donation, you may choose to ‘Flock’ a neighbour, friend or ‘victim’. These flamingos will then migrate and roost on their lawn for a day. 

Don’t Despair … the flocking is done in good spirits and not meant to be mean.

The removal of these flocks will be done at no charge and will also be removed if you don’t want them roosting on your lawn. Please don’t hurt our fake feathered friends as we hope to see them journey around town.

If you wish to make a donation, e-transfer or have someone flocked you may contact us at