The little engine of Port Elgin Beach is gone

The issue has been a contentious one in Saugeen Shores for more than a year.  The little train, that carried thousands of visitors at Port Elgin Beach for many years, is no longer.

The train station, owned by Hess but located on Town property, had its lease terminated. During discussions between Hess and the Town, residents came out to protest the possible closing of the train, signed petitions and sent countless letters to local media for publication, all to no avail.

On Saturday, October 27th, owner of the train Andy Hess, retrieved the engine.  “It’s a very expensive and very rare piece of machinery,” said Hess. “It needs care and maintenance on a regular basis. It is still listed for sale with Scott Saunders and we hope for a buyer who will keep the train running for many more years in Port Elgin.”