‘The Mask Lady’ makes another large donation to Huron Shores Hospice

Huron Shores Hospice was presented with a cheque today in the amount of $6,598.50 by Shirley Purdie, of Kincardine, better known as ‘The Mask Lady’ around Kincardine. Back in June Shirley donated $5,423.10 to the hospice from the sale of her homemade masks. Her grand total donated to date is $12,001.60. Shirley has sewn 3,762 homemade masks since the COVID-19 outbreak happened in Canada back in March. “This is phase II, I have fabric for another 300 masks that I’m ready to sew, said Shirley.”

L to R: Malcolm and Mabel Herbert with Ginny Ross, Cathy Herbert, Huron Shores Hospice and Shirley Purdie

Shirley is one the original supporters of our community hospice, working at many of the hospice events making and selling stuffed bunnies and lambs, and donating the proceeds. She has been sewing most of her life, working as a seamstress and upholsterer for approximately 60 years. She sews masks in different sizes for children and adults with unique fabric designs to suit everyone’s individual taste and personalities.

Ginny Ross is Shirley’s trusted side-kick, who at first took on the administration role of arranging for orders and payment, but also helps out with fabric and elastic cutting to help Shirley keep up with demand.

“We are absolutely thrilled with Shirley and Ginny’s contribution to our hospice fundraising efforts. They are certainly two of our Hospice Heroes. It has been a tough year for fundraising and this additional winfall could not have happened at a better time for us. We so appreciate Shirley and Ginny’s efforts to raise money in this unique way, while keeping our community safe,” said Cheryl Cottrill, Co-Chair of Huron Shores Hospice. If you would like to get one of Shirley’s masks, please email Ginny@bmts.com or private message her on Facebook and she will look after getting you a mask. Shirley will continue to donate the proceeds to Huron Shores Hospice for any future masks made and delivered.

Huron Shores Hospice provides free residential hospice stays for those needing end-of-life support, as well as free Grief Recovery Method sessions, Doula end-of-life planning expertise and is working to change the conversation around death and dying by hosting death cafes and holding end-of-life planning workshops in our community. For more information please visit www.huronshoreshospice.ca or their Facebook page