Things are not as they seem at the local landfill says reader

To the Editor:

As I do many Saturdays, I dropped our garbage and recycling off at the landfill.

I filled the last available container with our plastics.  Not another container to be found. I still had some left, but wasn’t sure where to put it.

In looking, I couldn’t help but notice the huge amount of bags of recycling many others had left.  Bags sorted, tied, and in the correct area.

I asked the landfill attendant where I should put the remainder.

Her response was honest, but the truth hurt and frustrated me.

“If it’s on the ground it goes into the landfill.  The Bruce Area Recyclers will not pick up anything on the ground”

Not sure what I was hearing, I asked again “all those people like myself have sorted, and have made an effort to recycle material to keep out of the landfill. You guys have to clean it up and put it on the tipping face?”

“That’s the unfortunate reality.”

I can’t state how disappointed I am of learning of this news. This is isn’t a fault of our municipal employees at the landfill, but I’m disappointed with how Bruce Area Recycling approaches this.

I make an effort to teach my kids proper stewardship of finite resources, and minimize waste.  I would have expected a recycling company to be proudest of the impact they can make in this regard.  Apparently not, and this situation needs to be changed.  I don’t know how, but maybe we can talk with our councilors.

This is not ok.
I have a huge respect for our municipal employees at the landfill, and am grateful for the honest eye opener today.   Can you help me get the word out?  Many more well-intentioned people like myself have no idea the unfortunate truth behind leaving sorted, bagged recycling BESIDE the containers.
submitted by Doug Lein
(original by Chris Laman)