Those with little vision stole from the community says reader

To the Editor:

Re:  Mike Sterling’s letter

In reading your letter of November 16th “ I am ashamed of myself” , I would like to tell Mike Sterling that he has nothing to be ashamed about. He and many others who volunteer many hours of their time give something to the community every day. That is a valuable resource for a small town to be able to boast about. People and organizations and businesses like to be involved and share in successfully creative and innovative atmospheres.

I believe that because of that atmosphere which exists, the momentum was in perfect alignment for what the County, Museum, Bruce Power and it’s potential Hub organizations visions were.

There are a few residents of Southampton that are not visionary. They attended one of the information meetings held at The Plex and attempted to hijack it by a very poor and rude method. They are probably cheering and patting themselves on the back with the announcement of the ending of the idea.

They should be ashamed of the methods they used because they stole something from every one of us who had bigger visions than an old yellow brick house.

Shame on Them.

Jim Reid