Tim Hortons’ FUNdraiser Camp Day means kids can experience summer camp

Port Elgin BBQ Crew (L) Councilor Dave Myette, Peter Archer, Jade Falconer with Dad, Dave

For many kids, going to summer camp is a dream but, thanks to Tim Hortons for many of them it becomes a reality.

Each year, Tim Hortons holds Camp Day when the proceeds from the entire 24 hours for every coffee go to the ‘Send a Kid to Camp’ fund.

This year, on Wednesday, June 6th, local celebrities and those who simply care about kids, volunteered at Tim Hortons throughout the region.

SUPERcowgirl, Jen O’Reilly with Southampton Camp Day organizer, Mary Halbert (R)

In Saugeen Shores at the four Tim Hortons outlets, itall about FUNdraising.  Each year, Mary Halbert in Southampton, makes the event unique. This year, there was the outdoor BBQ, a silent auction, photos and, of course, the celebrities.

In Southampton, drivers in the drive-thru were caught unawares when they came face to face with  ‘Canadian SUPERcowgirl’, Jen O’Reilly, in red and white from head to toe. SUPERcowgirl was there, as she is every year, bucket in hand, collecting money from drivers about to pick up a coffee.  “Drivers this year have been even more generous,” said O’Reilly … but then again, who could say no when confronted with a SUPERcowgirl in cape and silver spandex shorts!

Linda Jackman added to the pot …

… as did Walker Mahon

Two Jenns meet up – Jenn Leighton (L) and SUPERcowgirl, Jen

Volunteer firefighter Brian Johnson stopped by for a coffee

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau shows off a toonie he received from a customer …

… former Councilor Thead Seaman made sure we saw it


Jan and Tom Watson were incognito

Saugeen Shores Police Constable Ian Clarke volunteers every year … and said every year he forgets what he learned the year before when it comes to coffee


Realtor Bill Rayner was the ‘grill man’ for hot dogs

Radio celebrity Brian Longmire was seen …. working?