Town acquires woodland from Summerside developer

The Town is fulfilling its mandate to maintain its natural assets by acquiring a significant piece of woodlands west of the Summerside subdivision.

Council approved the approximately 26-hectare land transfer at Monday night’s meeting, bringing the total amount of municipally protected forest in this area to more than 80 hectares.

The acquisition comes from the subdivision process, where the Town has progressively acquired the lands from the developer, at no cost to the municipality.  Part of the developer’s agreement with the Town was to install a pond over a portion of the land marked as Part 3, 3R-9253, west of the Nipissing Ridge (see attached map).  This pond was created to accommodate stormwater from the subdivision.  The Town has now assumed ownership of this pond as well as the long-term stewardship of the woods.

“I am proud that we have permanently protected this significant woodland in our community”, says Mayor Luke Charbonneau. “Our work with the Summerside developer demonstrates the Town’s commitment to managing our growth in a way that safeguards our collective, natural heritage.”

The Town is committed to maintain the woods, while providing access to nature lovers and recreational users, as well as those who want to use the forest for educational purposes.