Town commissions Indigenous artist for residential school remembrance art


When the Town of Saugeen Shores learned of the recently discovered grave sites at several former residential schools, it acted quickly, and in consultation with Saugeen First Nation to decorate the Zgaa-biig-ni-gaan bridge over the Saugeen River with orange ribbons.

“The Town of Saugeen Shores and Saugeen First Nation worked in collaboration to immediately recognize the Residential School situation” notes Chief Lester Anoquot, “And we continue to work together to advance permanent recognition at the Saugeen Shores Town Hall.”

Recognizing the ribbons will not stand the test of time, the Town moved forward with the commissioning of a permanent testament to the pain, suffering, and death inflicted on indigenous children at Canada’s residential schools.

Brent Henry, a local indigenous artist, has been commissioned by the Town to prepare a permanent tribute that will be prominently displayed at the Town Hall. 

“We are awaiting completion of this painting and hope that its display will act as a permanent reminder of the impacts that residential schools have had and continue to have on indigenous communities.” says Mayor Luke Charbonneau.

The Town hopes to unveil the permanent display, to be located in the Municipal Office, in the fall of 2021.