Town kicks off annual Cycling Programming

The Town is making it easier for residents and visitors to enjoy the warmer weather on two wheels.  Saugeen Shores is kicking off its annual cycling program that features: 
  • Bike Month in June with Kids Bike Night, Bike to School Week and our month-long cycling scavenger hunt,
  • Free bike valet services to make it easy for people to find a place to park their bike,
  • The return of the Bike-Friendly Friday social media campaign,
  • Working with community partners to provide more cycling programs, and
  • Encouraging local businesses to become certified as “Bicycle-Friendly”.

 Cycling is also front and centre for three major 2023 events in Saugeen Shores:

  • Lakeshore Women’s Triathlon (new),
  • Gran Fondo Lake Huron, with an added 10km Southampton route, and an 80km gravel route, and
  • An overnight stop in Southampton for Habitat for Humanity’s Cycle of Hope.

“Cycling offers our residents and visitors a healthy and environmentally sustainable way to get outside and enjoy our beautiful community,” said Mayor Luke Charbonneau.  “We want people to have more opportunities to get on their bikes in Saugeen Shores, and we want more of our businesses to do the same.”

The next edition of the Shore Report podcast will feature: 

  • Recreation Manager Lisa Billing talking about the Town’s programs. 
  • Port Elgin Super 8’s General Manager Jenn Cortan talking about their 2023 Bicycle Friendly Business award,
  • Constable Stacey Gordon from the Saugeen Shores Police Service sharing bicycle safety laws and their new bike patrol program.

The 2023 program builds on the Town’s ongoing efforts to be a bicycle friendly community. Council approved providing operating funds for the program, as per Community Services’ Division Highlights in the 2023 Business Plan

More details will become available about the program throughout the season.  For more about Cycling in Saugeen Shores, go to