Town needs to look at What the Future Beholds says reader

To the Editor:

The most recent census (2021) puts the population of Saugeen Shores at just under 16,000. I expect this figure will increase dramatically over the next thirty years.
Let’s look at a range of cities in the northern regions of Canada. Timmins (42,000), Regina (228,000) and Prince George (74,000). I have lived in Northern Canada. The old drivers that caused these cities to grow (quickly) were the natural resources of mining and lumber.
The new resource in 2023, is human – specifically intellectual.
Saugeen Shores is ideally positioned to take advantage of this new resource. There is already an intellectual core in the town courtesy of Bruce Power. Secondly, it is within 2:30 mins of the major airline hub in Canada. (Pearson). Thirdly, climate change will see a movement northward across North America in the coming decades, Fourthly, the community needs to be on the front end of diversity inclusion. (The cricket field would help).
Saugeen Shores is ideally positioned to take advantage of this, if it acts wisely.
The town needs to start looking fifty years ahead when the population could reach 50,000. Current infrastructure planning needs to be based on this.
Gerard Walsh.