Tragedy in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians, well known for their hospitality, are reeling from an unthinkable act of violence. Violence that not only took innocent lives but traumatized a nation. In many places around the world this level of violence would hardly make the headlines, but not here!

Canada is unfortunately no stranger to violence, but nothing dulls the pain of seeing our fellow citizens gunned down just as nothing dulls the pain of seeing our fellow citizens deep in the midst of the most profound grief. The Canadian legacy is one of working for the collective good and embracing each other in good and bad times. We need to embrace each other more than ever today.

Labour Council President, Kevin Smith sees “being part of the great Canadian family of labour as a privilege. As part of this family the Grey Bruce Labour Council and the thousands of workers who speak through their delegates to the Labour Council we offer sympathy and condolences to those most drastically affected by this horrendous act. Not only do we offer our love and support we want to extend our hand to the Nova Scotian Federation of Labour as our Sisters and Brothers reel in light of this immense tragedy”. “Let us not forget that some of those lost carried union cards” says Labour Council VP for Bruce, Dave Trumble.

Labour Council VP for Grey, Chris Stephen, points out that “going forward from today the need for support of community, family, friends and family will be without equal. However, let us not forget how important supports such as counseling, mental health programming and employee assistance will be. Whether it be consciousness shattering violence as took place in Nova Scotia or the legacy of COVID-19 our public services and public mental health access must be a priority for all levels of government.

On behalf of the Grey Bruce Labour Council, we stand with Nova Scotians and we know that violence of this type does not define Nova Scotians. What defines the people of Nova Scotia and all Canadians is not the trauma, but the road forward to recovery and in the knowing that we all stand together.

Kevin Smith,

President, Grey Bruce Labour Council