Train is part of heritage and memories says reader

To the Editor:

There are things in our collective lives and hearts that are important to us beyond monetary measure. 

The train at the beach in Port Elgin is one of those “things”. It has been a fixture in the memories and experiences of so many of us, local and seasonal residents alike. 

The excitement and joy as a child to take a ride, the smiles, the exuberant laughter. These are memories and experiences that cannot and should not be erased.

If the necessary repairs are beyond the current owners’ financially responsible abilities, due to the precarious nature of the lease, I  believe it should be up to the municipality to make the necessary repairs and perhaps even take over its ownership so that our future generations can dance and clap their hands in glee at the chance to ride the train. 

It is part of our heritage. It needs to be part of our future too. 

Kerri-Lynne Young.