Treat others the way you want to be treated says reader

To the Editor:

Is this another potential tragedy for the community to band together?

I’m reminded of the very long lines outside Walmart a few years ago when we all helped raise funds for a young family who had been burned out of their home. The ugly aftermath is not soon forgotten but recovery is certainly attainable.
The potential tragedy MANY community families are now facing, who without any direct consultation, entails a block long row of solid buildings reaching a minimum height of 12 and 1/2 meters ( beyond the average hydro pole) 10 meters away from the front of their homes. Hard to fathom? View the latest CCV plan and believe that council, the administration and the developers want this to happen. Unconscionable!
These generational families’ very lifestyle will disappear and be replaced with the backend of a noisy, smelly commercial entity, despite the mayor’s false assurances that the community ‘wants’ this. It is impossible to imagine even the most quickly diminishing ardent supporters co-signing such an egregious idea. To add salt, the huge view blocking of anything would be terrible enough but this monster blocker will eliminate the precious view of our lakefront which includes our ‘world famous’ sunsets.
Mention of the fire victims attainable recovery is countered by no attainable recovery for the Harbour St. front row homes, the second row homes and third row homes. That is because a 50 year lease guarantees no end to an ugly aftermath. The latest stunt being pulled by the town is to skirt around needing sight plan approval. For an ordinary ‘Joe’ that defines building your home without a building permit. Again unconscionable!
Supporting the fire victims was just something a good and caring community did. Now this community has to repeat that support by telling council NO!
“Treat other people the way you want to be treated” is screaming out and only your voices will stop this error filled selfish private buildout.
Beach development? Beyond question. But what is crucial is having the community define the terms and that has been juked!
Wayne McGrath
Port Elgin