Treat trails like your own backyard for everyone’s enjoyment

Spring is finally here!  Warmer weather is drawing everyone outside.  People and their pets can be seen everywhere, out and about walking neighbourhood streets and the Saugeen Shores Rail Trail.

How fortunate to be living in a community connected to some 40km of unique trails from the North Shore Trail from Port Elgin to Southampton, along the scenic coast of Lake Huron, through the brush of the Woodland and Biener Trails or along the Rail Trail that follows the old CN railway line through Saugeen Shores.

Saugeen Shores Rail Trail is primarily maintained by many volunteers and members of the Rail Trail Association who, over the years, have dedicated thousands of hours toward its maintenance and many improvements for the enjoyment of everyone.

On any given day, in any season, residents and visitors can be seen using the trail system and, for many, accompanied by their four-legged companions.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows pet etiquette which, in turn, detracts from the beauty and enjoyment of the trails and parks for others.

We have had several photos submitted that, quite frankly, demonstrate the complete lack of consideration for others and for Mother Nature that some people have.

From those who do not pick up after their pets to those who do pick up and then toss a filled bag onto the side of the trail or even hang them from tree branches … it is all quite disgusting.  Pet owners however, are not all to blame.

There are also those who throw a mask or a plastic bag or a … whatever.

I wonder if all those people would do this in their own backyards, if not, why is it happening in ours?

The Rail Trail Association has gone to the expense of having new signs created that say it all …