TUNDRA steps up with initial donation

The Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) is currently fundraising for the purchase of three defibrillators for the Hospital in Saugeen Shores along with one transport monitor.

           (L) Tracy Murray of SMHF accepted the donation from Stefanie Kane of Tundra  

“Our local hospital is in need of three defibrillators for the crash carts and a transport monitor. The defibrillator enables the staff to monitor heart rhythms, defibrillate (shock) someone out of a life threatening arrhythmia or  externally provide a temporary pacemaker to a patient in crisis,” says Tracy Murray, Foundation Executive Director.

The transport monitor has the same lifesaving functions but also enables the nurse to monitor vital signs during a patient transfer to another facility.

These are crucial pieces of equipment. The cost to purchase these pieces is just under $80,000.

Tundra Technical Solutions was the first to step up to the plate for this community need. With Covid restrictions in place in the summer they were unable to host their annual staff BBQ and decided to make a donation instead to help support local healthcare in the community.

Stefanie Kane, Engagement Specialist at Tundra Technical Solutions said, “We believe it is our duty to support the community and those who ensure its health and safety” when presenting the company’s $1,000 donation to the SMHF earlier today.