Turning 16 a turning point in life – Dylan Poulsen

Turning 16 is a big turning point in life and, for a young man in Port Elgin, it will be a day to be remembered.

On the last day of April, Dylan Poulsen had been taking a class on-line and completing a science project inside the family home.  He did not suspect that outside, the home had been decorated and that school friends were lined up and ready to wish him Happy Birthday with a ‘drive-by’ birthday parade.

                      Dylan (R) with his family, Mom Crystal, step-dad Mike and step-brother Ethan                                                                                            (For larger view, CLICK on Image    

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Horns were blaring and gifts were dropped off while maintaining ‘self-distancing’.

According to mom, Crystal, “Dylan was completely surprised but he loved it!”

Sometimes, in isolation, it’s simply a great thing to see your friends and know that they haven’t forgotten you.

Happy 16th Birthday Dylan!