Union Members lost in Plane Crash

To the Editor:

Families, friends and loved ones across Canada and in so many places around the world are in mourning today as they experience the unspeakable loss of the lives of those lost in the recent plane crash in Iran.

Words pale in light of such tragic events and the pain of loss is everlasting. Grey Bruce Labour Council President and OSSTF Member, Kevin Smith says that, “the delegates and the affiliated unions of the Council want to express publicly our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to all who must endure this profound loss. In addition, the family of labour mourns not only for all the loss of life, but we have learned that this crash ended the lives of several members and staff of unions across Canada. Yes, our labour family also is enduring and sharing in the pain and loss through the loss of our union brothers and sisters”.

On behalf of the delegates and affiliated unions of the Grey Bruce Labour Council, “We stand by all those who must endure, and to our labour family, we stand in sympathy and in solidarity. It is our deepest desire that everyone will find their strength and, through the love of others, remember and cherish their memories and their work.

Condolences and Solidarity

Kevin Smith, President
Grey Bruce Labour Council