Unique Monarch mural a collaboration

Photos by Kerry Jarvis

                                    Giant mural depicts the life of the Monarch Butterfly

The Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (BGOSS) has engaged with Southampton Rotary and the Southampton Art Centre to create a unique ‘Monarch butterfly’ work of art.

The mural, painted by local artists, is on a three-section panel, each 8ft. x 4ft., and depicts the life cycle and migration routes of the Monarch butterfly and its plight to survive.

                     Artist JoAnn Sturgeon works on mural

The mural was designed by Susan Enzensberger of the Southampton Art Centre and Bob Hastings will be working on cutting out the panels. Metal artist, Lisa Hambleton, will be bringing the project to three-dimensional life with copper antennae and possibly some plant life.
The original art will become part of the BGOSS pod at Rotary Perkins Park at Hwy. 21 and McNabb St. in Southampton, where visitors will be able to both enjoy and learn more about the Monarch and the work of BGOSS.  The butterfly gardens will also be part of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival that takes place May 26th to June 1st.
Rotary Perkins Park Butterfly pod newly planted in 2015
      Photo taken at Saugeen First Nation

Although Monarchs have been seen making a very slight come-back in numbers, their survival is a constant battle of finding food and surviving weather and a North America wide initiative to help them has begun.

Throughout Saugeen Shores, on-going endeavours have been made to attract and sustain the Monarch.  In 2009, students of G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton began planting their own garden to attract butterflies and bees.

Then, ‘Wings of Change’ came to Southampton (Saugeen Shores) and a group of concerned volunteers who wanted to become more involved in the Monarch’s plight, formed the BGOSS. The group began establishing Butterfly Garden pods in earnest throughout the community and along the Captain Spence Trail in Southampton, working in partnership with various groups and organizations.