UPDATE: Southampton School bomb scare

Official Answers
(L-R) G.C. Huston Principal Dan Russell, Fire Chief Phil Eagleson, Mayor Mike Smith
and Police Chief Mike Bellai

Southampton (Saugeen Shores) had an occurrence that no town, especially a small rural community, wants to experience.

On June 5th, a 911 call came in at 10:00 a.m. that said a car at the local public school, G. C. Huston on Victoria Street, had a bomb or explosive device.

Immediately, the school was evacuated along with staff of the adjacent Museum and five homes opposite the school.

The day long process began with cordoning off the street with police, fire and emergency service (EMS) personnel all standing at the ready in what would be a long vigil throughout the day and into the evening.

A call was put in to the nearest canine unit that specializes in bomb detection, which is Windsor (ON) some four hours away, so it was a case of waiting for its arrival.

The dog went to work on the grounds of both the Museum and School and then inside both buildings.  As of 9:00 p.m., nothing was found.

Saugeen Shores and officials gave statements at a media conference that was called .

Saugeen Shores Mayor, Mike Smith, said that this is a very isolated incident in Saugeen Shores and that a full-tiered response was activated and all precautions were taken.  “Students, staff and local residents cooperated and we thank everyone who cooperated during this stressful time and the investigation continues. “

Clean-up at the end of a long day

G.C. Huston Principal Dan Russell

Saugeen Shores Police Chief Mike Bellai