Vaccine passports seem a logical choice says reader

To the Editor:

Doug Ford has stated “no to vaccine passports” because “we are not going to have a split society “. Not sure what world he lives in but our society is already divided on vaccines period.

The vast majority of people who are vaccinated are sick and tired of the people lockdowns and restrictions we have had over the last year and a half.  Based on science and knowledge and yes some fear of getting something new, most proceeded with the shots in the arm. We have gotten our vaccine so that we are protected and for those around us who we want to stay safe.

Many of us want to travel, to eat indoors again and do other activities knowing that those around us are protected the best they can.

Vaccine passports for entry into businesses or for travelling, etc. seem a logical choice to give flexibility in determining restrictions and testing requirements for any person.

If you think it is time for everyone to contact their respective Ontario MPP to express their opinion now is perhaps the time.  MPP Bill Walker and MPP Lisa Thompson, we need to hear from you.

Fred Schildroth
Port Elgin