Vandals strike again in Southampton

Here we go again!  Another senseless destruction of property by cowards under the cloak of night.

The Rail Trail Head Memorial Park in Southampton was spray painted sometime late Friday night, September 11th, by ‘hooligans’ who obviously either don’t know any better or who don’t have the intelligence to tell the difference between right and wrong … or both.

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      Fountain destroyed


Not only did they spray signage and the inside of the gazebo but they also heavily painted the water fountain … a stopover for those thirsty along with their pets, a situation that could cause a medical emergency.

   Beautiful memorial stone defaced







                            What is the point?

In addition, not only did they visit the Memorial Park but they continued their destructive behaviour on Grosvenor Street where they spray painted on the roadway and curbs and also turned the mobile bathroom facility 360 degrees so that it could not be used.  Then, too, Emerald Drive was defaced.

                  Lights stripped and smashed

Either from there or before, it appears they went to Rotary Perkins Park where they turned over a picnic table and also stripped the ‘fairy’ lights from the gazebo and smashed them.  Clever.  Takes a lot of intelligence to do something like that!



According to sources, they also spray painted a car in the area.

While they left behind their destruction, unknown to the ‘trio’, for it has been reported that there were three of them, they have also been observed … good luck!

Thanks to the town staff, they were out as soon as the destruction was reported on Saturday morning attempting to clean the area.  For anyone who has tried to remove spray paint, it is almost impossible but staff worked strenuously to remove the worst of it.

                                       Staff works diligently to remove the worst of the profanity

The incident may be related to an earlier one that was reported on in Saugeen Times where spray paint was once again used with the same destructive results.

The incident is under investigation by Saugeen Shores Police and anyone who heard or saw anything unusual is asked to contact police.