‘View Corridor’ protection is needed says reader

Dear Saugeen Times Editor;

The Port Elgin Beach Train Station building was torn down, and not renovated.  Any new building(s)on Port Elgin Beach (allowed by Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority) will require a MINIMUM of 1.1 metres high of fill. (Could be even higher than 1.1 metres in certain locations).
People of Saugeen Shores, please think about this … please go and actually LOOK at the public washroom building on the beach. (The public washroom “NEW” build was allowed by SVCA because access to these public washrooms were considered a necessary build at our Port Elgin public beach) Those of us around this earth awhile will remember the old washrooms (built directly on the Port Elgin beach without fill elevation). Consider how much beachfront space the present public washrooms take up with the necessity of the excessive amount of fill (not just the public washroom building itself).
Does this proposed Cedar Crescent Village new build meet the SVCA standard of ‘necessity’ (in light of the Sept7/2021 SW Storm surge) SVCA regulatory area?
The CCV build by private investors is proposed on Saugeen Shores publicly owned land. Recently our Saugeen Shores council approved the recent CCV design drawings – 5 Council members voted yes, (6 if you count our Mayor voice of approval) 2 voted against – Matt Carr and Cheryl Grace. (Kristan Shrider was on a LOA from her Port Elgin ward councillor duties.)
Are those employed by/or serving on the SVCA Board of Directors (with a good conscience, and properly informed of the landscape changes that will be necessary in this location – for any build) going to approve such a build?
I do not believe a build of this size and a non-necessity meets the “necessity” requirement or the required distance standard from the new 100-year high water line (September 7/2021 SW storm surge).
It would “require” extreme amounts of fill and shore-proofing. The height of the CCV building approved by the present council is 10 metres (32.8 ft). This building height is “allowed” by the Town of Saugeen Shores’ own bylaw, (this height is NOT counting the necessary 1.1 metres of fill) and inconveniently (or is it conveniently?) does not protect this publicly owned beach location.
In Saugeen Shores there are all kinds of regulations & bylaws to protect historic buildings, but nothing to protect this iconic Landscape View Corridor?? Common sense should prevail.
For those who are not familiar with what a View Corridor is, below is a brief description. (Many beach towns & cities have them to protect the view).  View corridors are designed to protect the view of important monuments, buildings or landscapes. “They are also a mechanism for ensuring that the character of villagestowns and cities is not compromised by the rapid rate of development that sometimes occurs in urban areas.”
There are several locations in our Saugeen Shores community where ‘View Corridor’ protection is needed.  For example, so far, no one has tried to obstruct the view at the west end of High Street in Southampton of the west end of the CAW road in the former Saugeen Township but … maybe they are next?
Lynn Thede,
Port Elgin.