Village congregation comes together in a unique way

As the bells rang out, and despite snow on May 10th, Mother’s Day, more than 20 vehicles lined up for a ‘drive-by blessing’ at St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church in Williamsford, Ontario.
Pastor, Darlyne (Dar) Rath stood outside and, despite water dripping onto her glasses and down her neck, blessed those in each car as it passed by.
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“It was most meaningful because we have been separated for such a long  time and there was such a sense of community as they lined up their cars together on that road … while listening to the bells of the church.  It was wonderful to see all the children packed into the cars with their parents and a couple of dogs received a blessing as well. It is amazing how creative all of us are when faced with this challenging situation – this pandemic. As a society we have a need  to communicate and we are all finding unique ways, but safe ways, to do that,” said Pastor Rath.
While the drive-by was unique, so too, was the method of collection.  The church treasurer, Bruce Glasser was in the lead car and had a sign on his bumper that read “Donor Car”.  He then pulled over and held out a basket into which those in each car dropped their collection envelopes.
According to Pastor Dar, many in the congregation drive to the church each Sunday simply to listen as the bells ring out.
“This was just something that was able to be done in Williamsford.  It’s a small church in a community village and was a situation that didn’t interfere with other traffic.  It brought the community together in a unique way,” added Pastor Rath.