Volunteerism brings out the best, for all the best reasons

To the Editor:

As this is National Volunteer Week, would like to bring to your attention the volunteer activities at the Southampton Royal Canadian Legion Branch 155, particularly John Willetts.

While members of all Legions are volunteers, John Willetts has gone above and beyond his mandate as president of our Branch. He came to our Branch and championed an incredible turn around in morale and involvement in our membership.

Like most Legions and community service organizations around the world, our membership and community involvement was waning before John’s stewardship.  With John’s enthusiasm we have seen our Branch 155 revitalized.

Some of the many accomplishments that he has had direct involvement with and led us through are:
1.  Southampton Legion is top 3% worldwide for growth. Of 1400 legions worldwide,        Southampton is #41.
2.  Major renovations have been completed and paid for
3. The Branch is now open to the public 6 days per week
4.  We have a wide variety of social and community events
5.  Organized a Remembrance Day 2018 (week) that will not be forgotten
6.  Thousands of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to good causes in the community. In fact, at our last meeting we gave over $6,000 to hospitals, local schools and other charities.

John’s countless hours of dedication and volunteering does not stop with Branch 155.
He is also on the board for the Marine Heritage Propeller Club in our community and has been an active volunteer in other causes for many years.

John’s positive attitude and energy is contagious in all of his volunteer work.

As this is Volunteer Week, I encourage anyone to contact him regarding his volunteer work that he and Southampton Legion Branch 155 do for our community. I am sure John would be delighted to provide further details.
His contact info is:
John Willetts

Steve Smith
Southampton, Ont.