Watoto Children’s Choir coming to SouthPort

The “Watoto Children’s Choir” is coming live to SouthPort Church.

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The Choir is a group of African children’s choirs based in Kampala, Uganda, at Watoto Church and which tour internationally. Each is composed of about eighteen to twenty-two children from Uganda. Their tours raise money as well as awareness for the Watoto orphanages in Kampala.

“Watoto” means “Children” in Swahili. The choir is made up of children who have lost one or both parents, often as a result of AIDS.  Watoto operate six choirs which tour Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America.

The choirs travel with a team of adult chaperones who look after the children and also manage the day-to-day logistics of the tour on the road. The choir has toured Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and China.

Their ‘Concerts of Hope’ are a blend of African rhythms, contemporary gospel music, creative dance and story-telling. They have released several albums including “Mambo Number 5”, “Beautiful Africa” and “What Is Love”. Their latest album “Wherever You Will Go” features live music played throughout the concerts on most of the tours.

The concert is being held on Tuesday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m. at SouthPort Church. Limited FREE tickets are available HERE.