We are all in this together says reader

To the Editor:

I am replying to Suzanne M’s letter and her questions about the state of emergency at Saugeen First Nation.

Firstly, if she would like to have her questions answered, she should call a SFN councillor or the Band chief rather than ask her questions in such a public forum. Perhaps this would give her a greater understanding of the challenges that Saugeen is facing right now.

Suzanne M also makes a point of stating “why are we being asked to help, if people there aren’t doing what is needed to stop the pandemic”?  It is not up to us to place judgement on others, rather we have been asked to volunteer our time to help others through this crisis. I would suggest Suzanne that if you are unable to help this community, please let those who are helping, do so without judgement.

We certainly wish Saugeen First Nation better days ahead as the entire community navigates their way through this Covid outbreak. We ARE all in this together.

Sophia Caudle
(Saugeen Shores)