Weather does not deter participants from 17th Annual Rotary Winterama

It was a perfect winter day for the 17th annual Rotary Winterama in Shallow Lake, Saugeen Shores and Tara (ON) with lots of snow.

Each year, Rotary Winterama involves area schools in fundraising through a variety of winter sports events.

      Organizer Rotarian Ron Moss (R) and mascot                       Bearama brought students forward for the                        many prizes donated by local businesses

Since all costs are covered through a sponsorship program and the event is entirely volunteer driven, all pledge funds raised go to the kids.  In addition, any surplus sponsorship revenue not required to cover expenses is also distributed to local youth projects .

Everyone who participated in the day of fun, had the opportunity to receive a prize thanks, said organizer, Ron Moss, to the many businesses who donated.

The Wilken family …. Owen, Charlotte, Eldon and Claire were there with their grandparents as their parents are away running a marathon

Also, this year, several young people tried their hand at curling.  The sport is making a come-back and G.C. Huston Public School has been fostering elementary school youth curling with the help of the Southampton Curling Club.

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The Rotary share-back program of pledges and funds raised by schools and groups is 40% plus an additional 30% for school breakfast and lunch programs. The remainder is shared equally among the four participating Rotary Clubs with these funds being directed to youth related projects and programs in local communities.

The school that raises the most funds also receives a $500 Rotary grant.

Due to weather conditions this year that resulted in several days of school cancellations, some school did not get their fundraising finals submitted and, therefore, the school with the highest fundraising amount is as yet unknown as are those students who raised the most in pledges.

According to Ron Moss, the totals should be resolved within the next week and results will be announced at the individual schools.

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