Well thought out planning the key to higher density says reader

To the Editor:

The planning process must be done with care. Once more I see debate among members re: consideration for character of a neighbourhood, heritage, density, environmental concerns, tree retention etc.

The Mayor states that density can occur anywhere, citing the example of the previous discussion re: Market St. In Port Elgin. This is unwise. It is unfair to surrounding neighbours who bought homes and expected the character and nature of their neighbourhood to remain the same. I encourage you to think of your own home and how it might be impacted by such a decision.

This lack of consideration for the existing homeowners vs. the need for high density housing is going to continue to plague this council and the developers who want to build.

The Deputy Mayor rightly suggested the High St. fronting property, density be in the area behind the Grenville St. homes proposed by the planner and developer for S-2022-007 Easthampton Grenville St.N .

Making use of the expert planner such as Hertel makes so much sense.  Someone with Green Urban Planning experience to provide input so that we do not have high density builds stranded in areas where they do not fit and cannot access services and amenities. Otherwise, the environment suffers due to more cars and traffic. Water courses, environmental concerns, tree retention etc. are familiar to this expert.  Someone similar to the consultant that presented re: Community Planning Permit Systems.

The idea of implementing the “Newer” Community Planning Permit System as suggested by Hertel Planning to expedite affordable multi-person dwellings needs careful oversite, engagement with the Community, the Metis and SON communities, the SVCA and expertise in order to ensure that the residents housing needs are met in a safe and well thought out way, incorporated within The Official Plan.

The Implementation Phase of the CPPS as outlined sounds exciting!

The small town character, heritage and well thought out planning to build needed higher density housing thoughtfully deserves support.


Peggy Corrigan-Dench
Port Elgin